About Nora


Nora Cedarwind Young is an ordained Priestess, Hospice Chaplain, Circle Minister, Certified Death Midwife, Green Burial Educator, End-of-Life Planning Advocate and Home Funeral Guide. She is most happy living her true passion as a Death Midwife and educating others about Green Burials. She enjoys the time she spends with the volunteer team members of the Spiritual Care Team at her local Hospice. Her focus is on education and reclaiming the care of our dead, appropriate planning and earth stewardship.

Nora has studied with several teachers including Jerrigrace Lyons, often referred to as the “rebirther of the modern death midwife movement,” Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary and Joanna Powell Colbert. Nora received her Death Midwife certification through Final Passages. Before her work as a Death Midwife, Nora’s areas of interest included women’s spirituality, seasonal celebrations, seasonal traditions, and chants and songs for children and women. She has facilitated rites of passage for every “threshold” life has to offer, including: Blessingways, Naming Ceremonies, First Moon Blood, Young Adulthood, Motherhood, Handfasting, Marriage, Handparting, Cronings, Death and Dying and Memorial or Life Celebrations.

Nora is well known for facilitating rituals and workshops at many gatherings and conferences throughout the Pacific Northwest and across the nation. She has been a repeat presenter at Seattle’s annual International Women of Wisdom Conference as well as the Provender Alliance for Organic Education. A dedicated Hospice volunteer and perpetual student, she has given hundreds of hours of advocacy work for end-of-life issues, domestic violence, multiple-birth children and community youth programs. Nora has participated in many panels and media forums to educate others about eco-spirituality, including area public schools. She has served on many advisory boards including her five community food banks and an ecumenical medical equipment lending bank. She is currently serving on the board of the Peoples Memorial Association.

The mother of four adult children, Nora resides on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state with her husband and a few cats in a grove of tall cedars. She serves both interfaith and intrafaith communities at her county hospital and through Ceremonies for Life’s Thresholds.

Nora in Autumn