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cedar, feather, amethyst“Although Nora describes her work as ‘basically a folkway,’ my recent workshop with her reflects a level of expertise in providing 
end of life care that tracks beautifully with the best practices of hospice and palliative care.

In organized hospice nursing, we like 
scientifically sound practices that we can research and prove. But 
many nurses who do this work also understand that we work in the 
presence of a sacred mystery. Nora understands this too, and her 
teaching about how to do it is grounded in lots of practical 
experience, compassionate reason, buckets of common sense and a 
wide open heart.

Being in her workshop fed my soul and was a 
delightful adjunct to my ongoing education in the clinical sciences 
of hospice and palliative nursing. I would recommend it to any 
hospice professional or volunteer who seeks to balance their heart 
and soul with their mind in order to become better at doing this 
important work.”

— Edmund Pendleton, MSN, FNP (BC), ARNP. Nurse Practitioner in Hospice 
and Palliative Medicine

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