I am available to create and facilitate these ceremonies for you. Please contact me for more information.

Weddings / Handfastings

I have performed several of these ceremonies and can legally sign a certificate of marriage in Washington, Oregon and California. I work with couples through the process of questions, conversation and creating the ceremony that meets your needs.I am well versed at many of the details that are often overlooked in the planning process. I can perform these ceremonies for two or five hundred. The ritual can be outdoors, indoors, in a church, in your home, or whatever your vision is of your perfect day.

First Moon, First Blood

As Women, we uphold our daughters and sisters as we welcome them to womanhood once they have their first menstrual cycle. In sacred ceremony, we open our hearts and share laughter, joy, challenges, gifts and responsibilities in being women. This ceremony can be private or witnessed by the community of women that have supported her and will continue to support her in womanhood. By reclaiming these sacred cross-cultural honoring of young women, we give them healthy attitudes, insights and confidence as they step into young adulthood.


Women are reclaiming the ceremony of honoring mothers who are soon to cross the threshold of never again maiden, into universal alignment with all other mothers. Not a baby shower, but a ceremony designed to honor the mother, with women who share their wise women wisdom. Usually involves eating together afterwards and more story sharing.


Many people today want to have a ceremony to present their child to the community and announce their name. Usually family and community members are present and make pledges of overseeing the well-being of this new member of the community. Many people find comfort with this ceremony instead of a church baptism.

Seasonal Celebrations

The Wheel of the Year relentlessly turns and the seasons shape and teach us our lessons in life. The traditional teaching connects to modern day practices with old European customs, and sometimes someone just needs help making a maypole and teaching everyone how to dance it!

Death Midwife

My truest passion as a priestess and minister is to reclaim the traditions that we gave away to the funeral industry less than a hundred years ago. Most people today know more about assembling a stereo or computer than they do about what is necessary to facilitate the death of a loved one. We all must learn our Rights of our last rites, and be prepared. By educating ourselves, we are much more capable to deal with our grief and heal. My commitment as a steward of Gaia to my best ability has provided me an opportunity to educate others about Green Burials and choices that protect our earth mother.