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Nora’s Favorite Music for Comfort, Crossing and Memorials

There are thousands of great music recordings, but these are universal in being calm, comforting and dealing with the circle of life. Threshold Choir is specific for Death Midwife and Vigil Sacred Space.

by Jennifer Berezan
An amazing long playing chant to the Mother of Us All. Recorded in the Oracle Chamber of the Hypogeum at Hal Saflieni, Malta. This is a blend of worldwide sacred musical traditions. Prayerful and powerful.

Praises for the World by Jennifer Berezan & Friends
Incredible devotional and ecstatic long playing chant for our world. This CD is perfect for prayer work, meditation, ritual, yoga, massage, relaxation, chanting or creating a healing and inspiring environment for the listener.

Listening at the Threshold by Threshold Choir
The Threshold Choir honors the ancient tradition of singing at the bedsides of people who are struggling – whether with living or with dying – using voice to offer compassion and comfort. For years, the Threshold Choir has embraced singing at bedsides and this is their first CD of 33 original songs written by members. These songs offer deep medicine for all. Complete liner notes are available at their website at

Tenderly Rain – Songs of gratitude, remembrance and keeping watch. Singing at bedsides is a calling that invites us to be sacred instruments and empowers our voices to be kind, courageous and creative, to feel spirit moving in us and sometimes to be galvanized into songs. We are grateful to Friends of the Choir for their generosity with their songs and their poetry. And we love singing our sisters songs. Complete liner notes are available at their website at

Celtic Lamentations by Aine Minogue
Renowned harpist Aine Minogue knows that journey of “a year and a day” for us to walk the healing steps from loss to acceptance. She has recorded 11 songs that carry the power of Celtic Music to help us return to everyday life. Traditional keening songs to upbeat celebrations. This is one to play often.

From the Goddess / O Great Spirit
by Robert Gass & On Wings of Song

Fire Within by Libana
One of many recordings by the all women group Libana, this one is a collection of 18 rounds great for coming together and singing or chanting for hours. Chants are varied from quiet depth of heart, a reverence and respect for our Earth’s sensual beauty and elemental power, overall peace in self and for the planet.

A Circle is Cast by Libana
Rounds, chants and songs for ritual and celebration. Songs are familiar, celebrating the nuances of seasons, the beauty of Mother Earth and the solitude of meditation and the rootedness of ritual. Drawn from Native American, African, Anglo, Israeli, European, Renaissance and contemporary folk sources this is a great resource for chanting in circle together or alone.

The Radiant Coat by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes
An exploration into the great mystery of death, through the seamless story-telling and psychological commentary that have become Dr. Estés’ hallmark. Here she shares her unique collection of teaching stories, which seek to penetrate the meaning of transition and death.