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Nora Cedarwind Young I’m Nora Cedarwind Young ~ Death Midwife, Hospice Chaplain, Ceremonialist and Green Burial Educator. I live and work in the greater Seattle area, and teach workshops throughout the country. I create and facilitate ceremonies for all of life’s passages, from birth through the grave; but my heart truly lies in end-of-life work. My belief system, deeply grounded in the seasons and cycles of nature, has taught me that death is as certain and sacred as birth. I envision individuals and families fearlessly facing death, feeling free to extend this “time out of time” with a loved one, and knowing who to call for support.

Earth is our home, now is our time.

More than ever it is time for each of us on the planet to awaken to our mortality and our spiritual nature. We must live with heightened awareness of how we affect others and the interconnectedness of all. As we each begin to heal ourselves from the inside out, we become part of healing the Earth and others on the planet as well. As we embrace the idea that we are the stewards of this beautiful earth, we welcome “womb to womb” awareness. Let’s start loving each other, our living planet and the amazing spiral of life that is birth and death. May we have the wisdom to return from the toxic environment of institutions and sterile buildings to the safety and sacred space of home.

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